There are lots of useful sites out there that tell you about PRK vision correction surgery. Most of the sites are either blogs of people who have had PRK or LASIK or are websites provided by surgeons who offer the procedure. While the blogs of those who have undergone the surgery are very useful, the are sometimes difficult to read through and so it can take a longtime to get to the answers you want about PRK or LASIK. The webites provided by surgeons often use very technical language or  just spend too much time convincing you to have PRK surgery.

PRK Vision Correction Costs

PRK vision correction costs are confusing. The cost of PRK usually differs on various factors including the expertise of the surgeon, where you live, and the technology used during surgery. So the site will also answer your question about how much PRK will cost?

What You Need to Know About PRK Surgery

When I was thinking about vision correction surgery I looked at lots of provider sites and read all about the procedure and what it involved. However, after the surgery I realized that I wasn’t fully prepared for the surgery. I didn’t have a realistic idea of the the PRK recovery timeline and I definitely didn’t realize that there was some pre-surgery questions I should have asked and some healing tips I should have followed to reduce that timeline.

I”m delighted that I had the surgery. However, if I had been better informed then I would have been better prepared. Also, I would have worried a lot less. I hadn’t done my research and my surgeon, who probably didn’t want to frighten me off,  hadn’t clearly told me about the reality of PRK. I wasn’t aware of things like how long it would take me to be able to read and use a computer comfortably, how soon I would be able to drive at night or even how long I’d be using eye drops for.

So that’s what this site is for. To give fair unbiased information about PRK vision correction surgery and recovery!

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  1. Prk surgey budget is 1000

  2. Exactly what really encouraged u to write “PRK Vision Correction Guide: What you need
    to know about PRK surgery”? I personallyabsolutely enjoyed it!
    Thanks a lot -Lilliana

  3. “PRK Vision Correction Guide: What you need to know about PRK
    surgery” was a great blog post. However, if it possessed alot
    more photographs this might be possibly even more beneficial.
    Thanks -Izetta

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